Are your products compatible with Photoshop for iPad?

What works.

  • Brushes: As of 09 June 2021, Photoshop for iPad can import and manage custom brushes including all TGTS brush packs. Brushes group folders are supported and brush packs can easily be deleted as needed. 

  • See our Photoshop for iPad brush installation guide here.

  • Infinite Pulp Paper Texture Templates: Simply open in Photoshop for iPad and crop/extend just as you would using the Crop Tool in the desktop version.


What doesn't work

Any product requiring the installation of Actions, Patterns or Graphic Styles including:

  • Debaser Comic Coloring Kit
  • Halftone Zine Machine
  • Distress Press (Actions only - brushes OK)
  • Atomica Print Effects Kit


How to install Photoshop brushes in Adobe Fresco for iPad.
How to install Photoshop brushes in Photoshop for iPad.





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