How to install brushes in Photoshop for iPad



Unfortunately, Photoshop for iPad is not yet compatible with our Debaser Comic Coloring Kit.


Method 1:
AirDrop from a Mac Desktop


  1. From your Mac, open the download page in your browser (you’ll find a link in the order email).

  2. Click the Download button to begin downloading.

  3. From your desktop or downloads folder, double click the zip file to extract its contents.

  4. Open the extracted folder and locate the Photoshop brush file in .abr format (usually saved in the 'Install this file' folder).

  5. Right click > Share > AirDrop.

  6. When prompted on your iPad, choose Photoshop from the 'Open with...' list to install.


Method 2:
Download and install directly to your iPad

  1. Before commencing, ensure your iPad is up to date and download only from Safari. It's also a good idea to restart your iPad to ensure you have a strong wifi connection. 


  2. Open the download page in Safari (you’ll find a link in your order email).

  3. Tap the Download button to begin downloading.


  4. In Safari, tap the download manager to open the Downloads folder (you'll also find this via the Files app).


  5. Wait until the file has completed downloading. To save storage space, delete the .zip folder (a), then open the extracted folder (b).


  6. Open the 'Install This File' folder, then tap the Photoshop brush file (.abr format).


  7. If prompted, choose Photoshop from the 'Open with...' list to complete the installation.





Method 3:
Import your brushes from Photoshop

This method is a great workaround if Metnod 2 fails. Make sure you have already downloaded and unzipped your files in the Files app before proceeding (see Method 2 steps 1 - 4).


  1. Open Photoshop for iPad then tap the brush tool to open the brushes panel.

  2. Tap the '+' button at the bottom of the panel, then choose 'Import From Files'.


  3. Locate your downloaded files in the Files app. (Unless you've intentionally moved them, they will still be saved in your Downloads folder).

  4. Tap the Photoshop brush file  (.abr format) to install your brushes into Photoshop. 







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