How to scale the texture of a brush in Procreate


Many of our brushes contain an embedded texture or pattern referred to the brush "grain" in Procreate.

The default grain scale for most of our brushes is about 30-50% and knowing how to adjust this is especially helpful when using any pattern based brushes such as our Beat Tones Halftones, Lithotone and Grain Shader brush sets.



To change the scale of a brushes texture take the following steps.

Step 1 - Tap the brush you wish to edit twice to open the Brush Studio editor.




Step 2 - Go to the Grain Tab

Step 3 - Adjust the Scale slider. You'll see the stroke preview change as you move the slider (whoah!). 

Step 4 - Tap the Done button to commit the changes.

Test and repeat if necessary. 







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