Debaser color library previews are greyed-out on iPad - how to fix.


If you've recently updated your iPad, or even just restarted, you might notice that your Debaser color library files no longer display a preview of the image in the files app, making it difficult to select the color you want without referring to the color code.



But why though?

This issue usually occurs after the iPad OS has been updated, causing the preview cache to be flushed in order to free up storage space. Essentially, the OS is clearing out the cobwebs which kinda sucks, because you liked those cobwebs just where they were thank you very much! 

How to fix it?

To restore the previews, go to the Files app and tap to open each file in the color library.  It's a little tedious to do this with 120+ files but unfortunately, there is no easier way to work around this very functional but annoying quirk of iPadOS. 






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