Debaser Paper Texture Templates Grayed-Out When Importing

If you attempt to import a layered file such as our Debaser paper texture templates into an existing Procreate canvas, you'll find that the files are disabled / grayed-out in the files app.



This is because only flattened files and images (such as the Debaser paper stains) can be imported to an existing canvas.

Fear not though, we do have a workaround.

Watch the video and follow the steps below to add a Debaser paper texture template to any existing Procreate Canvas. 



  1. Go to the Procreate gallery and import or open the paper texture template you wish to add to your canvas.
  2. In the layers palette, expand the Paper Textures layer group.
  3. Tap to select the Highlights layer, then swipe right on the Paper Texture layer to select it also. Do not select the entire layer group
  4. Tap and hold the selected layers then drag it out of the layers palette. Hold.
  5. While still holding the layer stack, tap the Gallery Menu using your other hand.
  6. Using your spare hand again, tap to open the file you wish to copy the layers to. Do not drag+drop the layers onto any file in the gallery as this will cause an error. 
  7. Once your canvas opens, tap the layers palette and drop the layers at the top.
  8. The layer blend modes do not copy across to your canvas so we will add them manually. Tap the layer blend button (the letter N) at the right side of the Highlights layer.
  9. Tap the lighten button, then select Screen from the blend options.
  10. Repeat this step for the Paper Texture layer but set the layer blend mode to Multiply. 
  11. Success!
  12. Finally, group and rename the layers to keep things tidy. Depending on your canvas size, you may need to enlarge the paper textures to fit.




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