What to do if your vector brushes won't install in Illustrator



One of the most confusing aspects of installing Illustrator brushes is that they are the same file type (.ai) as any regular Illustrator document, swatch library or graphic style library. 

Some products, such as our Hardwear Distressing Kit, come with multiple installable assets. To prevent confusion, we clearly name installable files with Brush-Library, Graphic-Style-Library, Swatches etc at the end of the file name. 



Here are a few solutions to common brush installation errors in Illustrator. 


Check that your brushes are installed in the correct panel.

An easy mistake to make is installing your brush file into the Graphic Styles or Swatches Panel by mistake. Brushes will only work when installed via the Brushes panel (Window > Brushes). 


Your "brushes" might not actually be brushes.

Our Lithotone and Vector Savior packs contain swatch patterns that can be applied like a brush using the Blob Brush Tool. These files are easily confused with brushes but should be installed via the Swatches Panel (Window > Swatches). 


Corrupted file or Illustrator Bug. 

  1. Delete the downloaded product from your computer.

  2. Restart your computer.

  3. Download your files again and re-install. 


If you continue to have difficulties please submit a support request below.





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