Graphic Styles Library empty after installing Hardwear Vector Distressing Kit



This error is often the result of installing the Hardwear Graphic Styles Library in the Brush Palette by mistake but can also be caused by a file that has corrupted during download.

If you experience this issue the Hardwear Graphic Styles Library panel will be empty or blank like this:



Solution 1: check installation location.

First check that you're installing the Hardwear Graphic Styles into the Graphic Styles panel (Window > Graphic Styles). A common error is to install the file into the Brush Palette by mistake.


Solution 2: download and reinstall.


  1. Delete the downloaded Hardwear Files from your hard drive.

  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Download your Hardwear files again and re-install. 


If you continue to have difficulties please submit a support request below.




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