Should I upgrade to Adobe Creative Cloud?



Whilst all of our products and features will work seamlessly with Adobe versions CS6 and up we highly recommend updating to Creative Cloud versions CC2018 or higher to take advantage of new features that improve functionality and workflow when using many of our products.



So why upgrade?

If you love working with texture there's a good chance you use a lot of custom brushes. One of the biggest reasons to upgrade to Creative Cloud comes from the huge improvements to Photoshop's brush management capabilities, making it super easy to group brush sets and rearrange them in a snap.

Some of our favorite new features include:


  • Group brushes into folders (and even sub-folders) to reduce clutter and improve brush management.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange brushes and brush sets.
  • Preview brush tip, brush name, and stroke all at once.
  • Tool brush presets (.tpl file extension) now work in the brush palette; no more switching between the tool presets panel and the brush picker.
  • Scale brush preview with the brush preview slider.
  • Faster brush engine means less lag on larger documents.
  • Built-in brush smoothing for super-smooth line-work.
  • Live layer blend-mode previews when hovering in the blend mode drop-down (CC2018).
  • Use CMD-Z to undo multiple steps, just like in other Creative Cloud apps (CC2018).
  • Subscription includes Photoshop for iPad and Fresco for iPad.


  • Auto recovery in case of crashes.
  • Magic wand tool for selecting objects of similar color, pattern or stroke.
  • Fast exporting of objects and artboards in multiple sizes and file formats via the Asset Export palette.
  • Crop bitmap images directly within Illustrator to discard excess image and reduce file size. Perfect for embedded texture images.
  • Live editing of rounded rectangles and other shapes.
  • Zoom 10X closer than CS versions.
  • Shape builder tool for super fast creation of complex shapes.


  • Most subscriptions include access to Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) with access to tens of thousands of fonts included.
  • Access to legacy apps. If you prefer CS6’s select and mask mode your subscription includes the ability to download and install previous app versions.
  • Regular updates and bug fixes.


This is not a sponsored post.

We do not engage in sponsored messaging, product placement or affiliate marketing with Adobe or any other software or hardware supplier.

Your user experience whilst using our products is our number one priority and we never recommend applications or updates that we not have thoroughly tested and evaluated. We simply want to provide you with our most up-to-date guidance on how to best harness the creative and productivity capabilities of our products.




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