Which True Grit products are compatible with Adobe Fresco.


Photoshop brushes are generally compatible with Fresco; however, functionality is limited in most True Grit brush packs since Fresco is a little underpowered compared to Photoshop. 

Many of our brushes will work nicely at their default settings but, cannot be customized beyond changing the brush size whilst some brush packs are entirely incompatible.

For this reason, we do not recommend any of our brushes be purchased solely for use in Fresco.


Functionality & Compatibility Limitations

  • Embedded textures cannot be scaled. This mainly affects halftone and pattern brushes where scaling the embedded texture is useful. These brushes can still be used that their default scales.
  • Eraser, blend and smudge brushes are not compatible with Fresco.
  • Actions are not compatible with Fresco.
  • Pattern sets are not compatible with Fresco.
  • Brushes load in alphabetical order, not brush-set order.
  • Brushes cannot be rearranged or deleted once imported.
  • AirDropped brushes can crash the app.

Read our guide on installing brushes in Fresco here



Product Compatibility LIst


  • KraftTone
  • Grain Shader
  • Stipple Studio
  • Debaser
  • HalftTone Zine Machine
  • Atomica

Partially Compatible

  • Infinite Pulp - paper textures can be used, but automatic canvas extension is disabled.
  • Distress Press - brushes work; however, Photoshop actions cannot be used in Fresco.

Compatible but affected by texture scaling

  • Beat Tones
  • Lithotone
  • KolorMarc
  • The Rusty Nib
  • Chromagraph
  • Monomania (shaders only)
  • Distress Press

Vector Brushes

While Fresco has a default vector brush tool, it cannot import custom vector brushes such as our Bézier Buddy or Grain Shader brushes.








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