What software versions do your products work with?


Our products range includes products designed to work exclusively with the following apps:

  • Adobe Photoshop - CS6 or higher (Mac / Windows).

  • Adobe Illustrator - CS6 or higher (Mac / Windows).

  • Procreate (iPad only - not compatible with Procreate Pocket for iPhone).

You'll find product-specific inclusions, specifications and compatibility info on our detailed product pages.

Q: I have Adobe CS5 or older. Will your products work?
A: No. Our products are designed for CS6 or higher only but we highly recommend CC2018 or higher for the best user experience.

Q: Do you have any products available for Affinity or Clip Studio Paint?
A: Stay tuned - coming fall 2019.

Q: Will your brushes, actions or effects kits work with GIMP, Krita, Sketchbook, Corel, Serif Photo, Pixelmator or any other app that supports PSD files and Brushes?
A: No. You can use our Essentials Texture packs however any included actions will not work.

Q: Are you sure? I've successfully installed photoshop brushes from the internet into GIMP before.
A: Positive. Our products will work only in the apps described above. 

Q: Which iPad apps do your products work with?
A: Procreate

Q: How about Adobe Sketch or Adobe Draw for iPad?
A: Photoshop brushes can be installed into Adobe Sketch - Instructions here. We've not tested any of our products with Adobe Draw.

Adobe are scheduled to release Fresco (an excellent illustration app for iPad) and Photoshop for iPad late in 2019. We expect all of our Photoshop brushes and many of our effects kits to work seamlessly with one or both of these apps. 







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