How to install macros in Affinity Photo for iPad (via AirDrop).


These instructions are for installing Affinity macros from a Mac desktop or laptop using AirDrop.

If you are a Windows users or your .macro file has already been downloaded to your iPad, follow these instructions instead. 



  1. On your iPad, open Affinity Photo. Close any documents you have open and go to the welcome screen.  

  2. On your Mac, select the .macros file that came with your purchase. This file will usually be saved in the 'Install These Files' folder. 

  3. Right click > Share > AirDrop then select your iPad. If you don't see your iPad, check that your iPad and Mac are on the same WiFi network with Bluetooth switched on.

  4. The macro set will automatically be installed into the Macros panel (look for the 'play button' icon on the right side of your screen).


  5. Even though the macro has been installed, Affinity will display the 'Default' macro set. Tap the 'Default' macro title as shown, then choose the newly installed macro set from the list. You can also cycle through the installed Macros by using the arrows to navigate. 




Your True Grit macro set is installed and ready to use. To ensure your macros perform effectively, be sure to follow the instructions that came with your kit.







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