Actions panel is empty after installation.


If you've attempted to install an action set into the Photoshop Actions panel (Window > Actions) but aren't seeing any actions appear, run through the following list of solutions.


  1. Check that you are running Photoshop CS6 or higher. Our actions will not work in older versions of Photoshop. 
  2. Most kits that include actions also include one or more pattern sets (.pat file extension). Check that you haven't accidentally loaded the .pat patterns file into the Actions panel instead of the action file (.atn file extension).
  3. You may have accidentally loaded the .atn files via the Swatches, Patterns or Brushes panels. This is a surprisingly easy mistake to make. Install via Window > Actions.
  4. Avoid double clicking to install the .atn file as it is a very unreliable installation method. Be sure to only load the actions manually via Window > Actions
  5. It may simply be a Photoshop preferences glitch. 

    Restart your computer and try installing again. 

    If restarting fails to fix the error, try moving the .atn files to a different location on your hard-drive then try loading again. 




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