My brushes have a weird dissolve blend.


Some of our brush sets (including Beat Tones, Lithotone and the Grain Shader Brush Set) include brush presets that are embedded with custom dissolve, opacity and flow settings to achieve high contrast, gradiated texture effects.

Sometimes, switching to a regular brush after using a shader brush can cause Photoshop to carry over these custom settings to the next brush you use.

This may cause your brushes to behave weirdly and have a crackly, dissolve appearance when applied. Your brushes may look something like this...



You can fix this error by doing one of the following.

Solution 1.

In the Brushes panel click the  ***Troubleshooter*** or ***Reset Brush*** included with your shader brushes before switching back to the affected brush. 



Solution 2.

Manually edit the brush settings at the top of your screen to the default settings as follows.

  • Blend Mode = Normal
  • Opacity = 100%
  • Flow = 100%



If the problem persists, follow the instructions in this related article:
What to do when your brushes look nothing like they should. 




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