Can I import my TGTS Photoshop brushes into Procreate 5?



The short answer is no.

Our Photoshop brushes will not work close to as intended once imported into Procreate. In many cases brushes will be either unusable or require significant time and experience to (kind of almost) get them working. 

Put simply, they don't meet our high standards for usability once imported to Procreate.

Furthermore, any TGTS Photoshop brushes you have purchased are licensed only for installation and use in Photoshop and other compatible Adobe apps such as Fresco. 


So why don't True Grit Photoshop brushes work in Procreate 5?

Procreate have added .abr Photoshop brush file support along with a huge number of brush settings that either directly or closely mirror the settings available in Photoshop. 

This is a great idea in theory and should allow Photoshop brushes to be imported and work like for like in Procreate. However, the reality for complex brushes is much different with many settings translating poorly during the conversion process.

After extensive experimentation during the beta testing period and since the public release, we've determined that none of our Photoshop brush sets are adequately usable once imported into Procreate. 

You may have some success with other, more basic Photoshop brushes but our brushes will not import into Procreate effectively.

As you can see in the comparison above, imported brushes lose their smooth gradients, refined pressure taper and in some cases require many repeated strokes to make even the slightest mark. 

Only the most basic of Photoshop brushes will import in a somewhat usable format for Procreate. In many cases, most if not all included brushes in a brush set will be entirely unusable due to the way the brush is translated or due to the way a brush set is organised specifically for use in Photoshop's desktop interface.

But that doesn't mean it's a useless feature and Photoshop brush support is great for making brushes in Procreate (more on that below).



I don't care if they don't work 100%. Can I install them anyway?

We strongly recommend against it if you want brushes that work and are easy to use. We do not provide support for any TGTS Photoshop brushes imported to Procreate. 

We're pretty picky about what we put out into the world and we want you to have the best experience possible when using our products. 

For this reason you should always order the Procreate version of any brush set you intend to use with Procreate as they have been specifically designed and formatted for use with Procreate and will work exactly as intended. 

Furthermore, our user license does not allow Photoshop brushes to be used in Procreate or any other (non Adobe) app that supports .abr brushes (such as Gimp, Krita or Affinity Photo).


So is Photoshop brush integration in Procreate a bust?

Not at all.

Procreate's new brush interface and the addition of Photoshop-like settings are a huge leap forward for brush quality in Procreate. It improves the way we can make brushes in Procreate and adds a whole world of nuance and usability that was previously only possible in Photoshop. Procreate is truly now in the big leagues and we're already integrating the new brush studio functionality into a brand new brush set to be released in January 2020.


Any plans to update your Procreate brushes with some of the new Procreate 5 features?

All Procreate brushes have been updated with Procreate 5 features as of 09 Jan 2020. 

We've taken full advantage of the new brush studio and fine-tuned all of our existing Procreate brush sets improvements to the natural feel, texture and usability of our brushes. These we're released as a free update to existing customers on the 9th of Janyary 2020.

New features included settings to prevent overlapping moire patterns in our halftone brushes, increased realism in our inking brushes and one-tap reset points to restore a brushes default settings in a snap. Some sets (such as The Rusty Nib) also included a number of new brushes with effects not previously possible in Procreate. 


What happens now if I purchase a Photoshop + Procreate bundle?

Just like in the past, your download will include a set of Photoshop formatted brushes plus a second set of files formatted specifically for Procreate.


Can't you tweak you Photoshop brushes so they work perfectly in Procreate?

If we could make a Photoshop brush set that worked exactly the same in both Photoshop and Procreate without usability and quality compromises we'd be all about it. It would be a little less fun, but oh the time and troubleshooting we'd save!

The truth is we invest significant time making sure that our brushes work the best they can in the apps they are intended for. Even with Procreate 5's .abr import function this still means completely rebuilding brushes from scratch using some shared texture and brush tip assets before saving them out in the native Procreate format. 

We could of course include both Ps and Procreate files in every brush set but many users would be paying more for a product they will never use. This is why we prefer a "pay for only what you use" pricing model with discounts available if you use our brushes in more than one app.

I already own some TGTS Photoshop brushes and just started using Procreate. Can I get a discount on the Procreate version?

Absolutely. Get in touch and we'll be happy to set you up with a discounted upgrade to match the Photoshop + Procreate bundle price of any brush sets you already own. 


Can I use my Photoshop brushes in the new Adobe Fresco app?

Yes and no. More on that here


Got more questions about how your purchases are affected by the release of Procreate 5? Get in touch here.









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