Downloaded files won't unzip on my desktop.


If you're having trouble unzipping a downloaded file it usually indicates an incomplete or corrupted download caused by interruption to your internet connection or a problem with your computers unzipping utility. 

Try the following. 


  1. Restart your computer and your modem if possible.
  2. Download your files again ensuring you have a stable internet connection.
  3. Unzip the files and if it works, great! We know it was just a download issue. 
  4. If that still does not work, install a 3rd party unarchiving app such as The UnarchiveriZip (Mac) or 7-Zip (Windows).
  5. Unzip using one of the 3rd party apps.


Having trouble unzipping on an iPad?

Try steps 1-3 above ensuring that you have the latest iPadOS installed on your iPad. 

If you continue to have difficulty unzipping, please submit a support request below. 



Unzip, Corrupt, Password Required, CPZG file





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