How to use Photoshop Brushes with the Mixer Brush, Eraser or History Brush tools.


Many of our brush sets including The Rusty Nib, Beat Tones and Grain Shader sets are designed to automatically activate the brush tool any time you select a brush. This will override any other tool you have selected.

To use your brushes with the Mixer Brush tool (or any other brush based tool or eraser), save a copy of the brush as follows:

  1. Select the brush you want to use with the Mixer Brush in the brushes palette.
  2. Click the ​​​​ Create new brush button at the bottom of the panel
  3. Uncheck the "Include Tool Settings" checkbox
  4. Give the brush a new name (note the placeholder name will be the file name of the embedded brush tip, not the TGTS preset name).
  5. Click OK to save the new brush. 

Now you can use the new preset with the Mixer Brush, History Brush or Eraser tools.




It's a good idea to save the new brush(es) to their own set so you can load them again later. Simply select the brush or brushes you want to save then open the  options menu at the top right side of the brushes panel and choose "Export Selected Brushes".


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