How to install Photoshop brushes in Adobe Fresco for iPad?


Adobe Fresco supports Photoshop brushes in .abr format; however, in many cases, key functions such as texture scaling are missing, and some brushes will become glitchy or completely unusable compared to Photoshop.

Many brushes will work nicely at their default settings but, expectations should be kept to a low simmer. With that in mind, we do not recommend any of our brushes be purchased solely for use in Fresco. 


General limitations and product compatibility issues:

  • Embedded textures cannot be scaled – affects Beat Tones and Lithotone brush sets. You will only be able to use the brushes default texture scale.
  • KraftTone - incompatible with Fresco due to embedded brush colors.
  • Stipple Studio - incompatible due to Fresco bugs.
  • Grain Shader - incompatible due to Fresco bugs.
  • Debaser - incompatible due to file size limitations.
  • Infinite Pulp - automatic cropping not available in Fresco.
  • Eraser, blend and smudge brushes - not supported in Fresco.

Since Fresco's brush engine is not yet fully featured,  some caution should be used before installing. 


Method 1 (Recommended):
Install via Photoshop Libraries panel on Desktop.

  1. Install your brushes into Photoshop Desktop (CC2018 or higher only).

  2. In Photoshop, drag and drop a selection of the brushes you use most often from your brushes panel to your Creative Cloud Libraries panel (Window > Libraries). You can only drag and drop one brush at a time.

  3. Start with only 10 or so brushes to begin until you are certain that Fresco can handle more brushes. Add more brushes as you see fit. 

  4. Create a new Libraries Group for them and give it a name eg My True Grit Brushes.

  5. You can arrange the brushes into whatever order you like by dragging and dropping them.

  6. When you open Fresco, the brushes should automatically appear at the bottom of the Pixel brush list. Depending on your wifi speed, it may take a few minutes for them to load (restart recommended). Any changes you make such as reordering brushes may also take a few minutes to sync.


Method 2 (Not recommended):
AirDrop from a Mac Desktop.

  1. From your Mac, open the download page in your browser (you’ll find a link in the order email).

  2. Click the Download button to begin downloading.

  3. From your desktop or downloads folder, double click the zip file to extract its contents.

  4. Open the extracted folder and locate the Photoshop brush file in .abr format (usually saved in the 'Install this file' folder).

  5. Right click > Share > AirDrop.

  6. When prompted, choose Fresco from the 'Open with...' list to install.

Known brush import issues when using AirDrop or iCloud:

  • Imported brushes load in alphabetical order, not the order we have embedded in the brush set. Any brush groups, or organization you may be used to from using your brushes in Photoshop will not be included when installed in Fresco.
  • Brushes cannot be deleted or rearranged once imported into Fresco. If you import too many brushes and Fresco crashes, you'll have to delete the app and start again :-(
  • Installing too many brush sets can overload Fresco (even Adobe's free sets can crash the app).
  • It's a good idea to start by installing just one brush set to begin or use Method 2 below. 
  • Brushes may freeze or corrupt after being AirDropped.




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