My Procreate brushes won't download to iPad.


Our accelerated cloud servers deliver your files from local servers on every continent. However, downloading files directly to iPad can fail for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few solutions to common download errors.

  1. Check that your iPadOS is up to date (13.2.2 or higher) even if you recently updated. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. 
  2. If the Download Manager button does not appear in Safari whilst downloading your files, reset your iPad settings following the instructions provided here
  3. Check that you are following the correct instructions for your product here.
  4. Only download files from the latest version of Safari. No instructions are provided for other browsers.
  5. Ensure you have a stable internet connection by restarting your modem and/or router.
  6. If you are using a VPN, switch it off.
  7. Quit all apps and restart iPad.
  8. Run only Safari, Files and Procreate during download and installation.
  9. If your download is extremely slow, check that you are not downloading your files to iCloud.
    Go to Settings > Safari > Downloads > then select on my iPad.
  10. Download only one file at a time.

Own a Mac Desktop?

For trouble-free downloading we highly recommend using a Mac Desktop to download and transfer your files to your iPad instead. If you do not have access to a Mac Desktop and the above solutions have failed, request an alternative download method from the link below. 


What to do if your brushes are greyed-out when installing


Still not working or downloads have expired?

Get in touch here for further assistance.

Please allow up to 1 business day. 





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