My download is slow or stalls before completion.


We use a global content delivery network to ensure wherever you are placing your order from, you will be directed to the nearest download server.

However, depending on your location, WiFi quality, your ISP and the file download size, some users may encounter slow or stalled downloads. 



Solution: Choose Save to Dropbox.

We recommend customers experiencing poor download speeds or errors choose Save to Dropbox on the download page. 



You will receive an email or desktop notification from Dropbox once the sync has completed. From there you can download from your Dropbox account or transfer directly from the Dropbox desktop app. 

Dropbox storage limits apply.

Before saving to dropbox, you should ensure your Dropbox account has enough free space to store the downloaded files. Most products will require less than 300mb of space but larger texturing kits such as Debaser will require up to 7gb of free space and our complete collection will require around 12gb.

You can find file size information in the compatibility section of individual product pages.




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