My payment keeps getting declined.


We're sorry to hear you've having problems completing your order. Here are some common reasons your debit or credit card might be declined:

  • Incorrect billing address or zip code. 
  • Insufficient funds in your account (hey we get it, those $6 latte's don't pay for themselves).
  • A security flag from your card issuer or PayPal due to unusual activity.
  • Placing your order from a different country to the country where your debit or credit card was issued in (e.g. Ordering from Ukraine using a card issued by a U.S. bank).
  • Placing your order whilst using a VPN or anonymizing software which hides your identity and location.
  • Overzealous bank fraud systems.
  • A browser error or bug. 

A few things you can try to complete your order are:

  • Triple check your zip code or try your previous zip code if you have moved.
  • Try a different web browser.
  • Turn off your VPN if using one. 
  • Try paying with PayPal instead of our in-cart payment gateway. You can still use your Debit of Credit Card when choosing PayPal.
  • Contact your Bank or PayPal to check if your account has been flagged as potentially compromised.




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